Thursday, May 10, 2012

Harder She Comes Blog Tour

Guest Post by Crystal Barela

The Tattoo Artist. A painter of flesh and lover of skin. How can an art whose canvas is the human body, not be sensual? Not make your teeth ache and your fingers itch to touch? I have always been fascinated with the beauty of tattoos and those who sling ink. A woman tattooist—even sexier. “Tits Down, Ass Up” has the reader falling in lust with the confidence and bravado of an artist. It’s such a turn on to read about a girl that moves successfully through a man’s world. Who knows herself and is not afraid to make what she wants in the world.

But Cali isn’t the only character here. Tantra knows what she wants and how to get it. She doesn’t use swag to get her girl, but her womanly curves, and the sensuality of knowing herself. Tattooing is natural for a Dom and Sub. The tattooist is the giver of pain, and her client the receiver of art, of the pleasure of color and life becoming a part of her body. These two characters are opposites. Ying and Yang, Butch and Femme.

Here’s an excerpt from Tits Down, Ass Up

 “Unzip your jeans.” The drag of the zipper and a shimmy of hips revealed the white of her skin to the crack of her ass. Was she wearing panties?

I covered my palms with shave oil and spread it over Tantra’s shoulder blades. Her skin was pale and smooth, except for where her bra had left red lines. I lingered a bit too long, massaging the marks away.
She sighed, and I found I was in danger of losing my professionalism.

The crinkle of the plastic being torn from the razor and then the smooth swipe of blade across her opalescent skin made my lips ache. Gently, I laid the transfer on her back, and then wet it with a sponge, dabbing at the smooth canvas of her back. I lifted a corner of the paper and drew it across her back.

A sigh tinged with sex filled my shop as I pulled the paper free.

Looked good. Too good. I handed the mirror over her shoulder and pointed her in the direction of the wall. "Check the placement, sugar.” Get a grip, Cali. Work before pleasure.

Tantra went over to the mirrored wall and held up the hand mirror to look over her shoulder. “Perfect!” she squealed, with a little hop. She turned to the right, then left, and all my eyes saw were her breasts, now bare and free. Nipples puckered from the night air coming through the back door teased me. I rubbed my eyes.

Tired and horny, that’s what I was.

“Tantra, baby, I think we should reschedule.” Sleep would help me to concentrate on my art and not her ass.

If you want more, you’re just going to have to get a copy of the book. You can find it wherever books are sold or on Amazon or at Cleis Press

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