Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am Not Lazy

Eh, yes I am. I'm doing some grunt work for Saints and Sinners Literary
Conference and don't have time to be pithy on my own, so I swiped it
from other people.

Gideonse Bible This is the kind of stuff that happens to people around me as I try to look really busy and above such things.

Perfect for Valentine's Day - Homemade Sex Toys! NSFW!!!!!

And go here in case you're at a loss for words when the god or
goddess of your life walks down the hallway accompanied by the rosy
glints of dawn, and somewhere far off, birds sing (I can't find Jean
Sheppard's exact quote on DaphneBigelow, but you get the idea).

1 comment:

Keziah Hill said...

Words fail me. That sex toys site was remarkable.