Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Big Shout Out to LA County Sheriff's Dept

and while I'm at it, the Justice Department, and the Police Department of a small town in New England. (yeah, I can see where you came from. Isn't the lack of privacy in this country simply horrifying? I mean - wiretaps without subpoenas are one thing, but some snarky erotica writer telling the world that you visited her blog is an outrage!)

I'm so glad you law enforcement types take time out of your busy day to drop in on my blog. Really. And to show my appreciation, I'll save you a little time

1) no naked pix on this site, so no need to run in waving your USC 2257 and demanding I give you the home address, social security number, and phone number of a model you'd like to stalk, er, um, investigate.

2) no erotica posted here either. Sorry to disappoint in case you felt the need to rub one off while on duty, but seeing how many of my stories have already been ripped off by copyright pirates (a crime, in case you're wondering, but I don't see anyone rushing to enforce that), I don't feel the need to gather my work in one convenient place for them. Besides, I use this blog to talk about writing, and soccer, and sometimes about my political views, which are (currently) still legal to express, not to showcase my stories. If you want to read my work, buy the books.

3) no child porn. Believe it or not, I'm strongly against child pornography and any act of non-consensual sex. Just because I write about sex doesn't mean I have no morals. I'm probably more law abiding than your average citizen. Heck - I even return shopping carts to their stall when I go to the market. I realize that the Justice Department has a vendetta against sexual acts between consenting adults, and seeks to infringe on the right of free speech of anyone who talks about it on the internet, but I don't even do that on this site.

So, my dear peace officers, thank you for dropping by while you're on duty. Glad to see my tax dollars are hard at work. But there's nothing to see here. Move along.

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