Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still Not Writing

Hell months are almost over. Now I can start to think about writing again. Not that I ever stop. But when you know you don't have to get serious about anything, you can afford to let wild thoughts run. That's not a bad thing to do. But now that I can start writing again I have to focus on the viable ideas.

I sent off my ideas to Helen Madden about our project, but until she has time to work on it, there's no sense in running ahead. I know she's crazy busy for another month.

I have an idea for a YA series that I've been mulling over. It turns out that my publishers are in town this weekend, so I think I'll kick that around a bit with them and check their reaction.

And then I have three other novels I've been putting off for a while. There's Vampires! In Space!, there's Jack and Georgie (but that novel is a can of worms I'm not sure I want to face right now) and then there's a contemporary that I've done about 6000 words on, and may not ever write word 6001. Maybe I'll stick with the YAs.

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