Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Broadly Bound's First Review

Jean Roberta from Erotica Revealed reviews Broadly Bound.

Jean says:
Kathleen Bradean’s “Opening Night” focuses on a pair of performance artists, the submissive femme Carrie, who tells the story, and the androgynous Zell, who demonstrates shibari (Japanese rope bondage) on Carrie, the model, for the crowd at Broad Horizons. ... Here the author explores the complex relationship between life and art, or reality and fantasy, as well as the social ambiguity of a relationship between a “lesbian” and a person who is not female-identified.

Beth Wylde, D.L. King, Syd McGinley, and Cassandra Gold have stories in this anthology as well. I understand Beth is working on the next Broadly Bound edition.

Broadly Bound will be available through Phaze next month. I'll post a link when it's released.

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beth wylde said...

I'm gearing up for release day. Less than a month away now.