Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SPANK! Blog tour

Spank! Blog Tour Schedule

From D.L. King:

I'm going to be kicking off the blog tour for my new anthology, Spank! on September 1st. All 20 authors (and Cassandra Park, who wrote the introduction) will be blogging about all things spanking. An interesting and entertaining time will be had by all, so I thought you might want a sneak peek at the schedule, along with all the links.

9/1. D. L. King http://dlkingerotica.blogspot.com
9/2. Cervo http://www.logical-lust.com/blog.html
9/3. Sommer Marsden http://sommermarsden.blogspot.com/
9/4. Anna Black http://jennareynolds.com/journal/
9/5. Jean Roberta http://www.jean_roberta.livejournal.com
9/6. Tara S. Nichols http://tarasnichols.blogspot.com
9/7. Maggie Morton http://www.logical-lust.com/blog.html
9/8. Kathleen Bradean http://kathleenbradean.blogspot.com
9/9. Lee Ash http://www.logical-lust.com/blog.html
9/10. Lisabet Sarai http://lisabetsarai.blogspot.com
9/11. Evan Mora http://www.logical-lust.com/blog.html
9/12. Allison Wonderland http://aisforallison.blogspot.com/
9/13. Sean Meriwether http://www.logical-lust.com/blog.html
9/14. Roxy Katt http://roxykatt.blogspot.com/
9/15. Donna George Storey http://sexfoodandwriting.donnagerogestorey.com/
9/16. Beth Wylde http://bethwylde.wordpress.com/
9/17. Sacchi Green http://www.logical-lust.com/blog.html
9/18. A.D.R. Forte http://adrforte.blogspot.com/
9/19. J.Z. Sharpe http://www.logical-lust.com/blog.html
9/20. Jessica Lennox http://www.jessicalennox.com/
9/21. Cassandra Park http://www.mscassandrapark.com/

Whew! What a line-up! So stop by on the 8th to read what I have to say.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh La La!

SPANK!  Will be available next month from Logical Lust. Editor DL King gathered some tasty, naughty bits for this one.

Don't you love this cover? I hear that the back cover is boy booty. The cover was shot in fellow contributor Sean Meriwether's (Velvet Mafia) kitchen.

Have you ever wanted to pull a pop star over your knee and spank that sassy butt? In my story Apple Bottom Hard Cider, that's exactly what her soon to be former manager has in mind, except that he's too chicken to do the deed himself, so he hires a pro Dom to take care of it for him. That's a big mistake. Divas are born to be worshiped, not humiliated. Deceitful, gutless managers, however...