Monday, December 11, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

When I look at my budget, figure out what I can give, and start writing checks. Some of my favorite organizations:


Celebrates and encourages every facet of femininity without a conformist agenda. Fundamentalist Christian rhetoric against this group made me look closer, and I liked what I saw.

NO AIDS Task Force

Provides assistance for HIV + patients in New Orleans, as well as community education, etc. The Saints and Sinners Literary Festival is tied to this group, another plus. Or give to your local GBLT cause - although I would like to point out that AIDS is not confined to the GBLT community. It's just that while the Christians were dancing in glee over the deaths sweeping the GBLT community, the GBLT community was building infrastructure to deal with patients, funding research, and supporting education. So it's the GBLT community that AIDS patients turn to for help and expertise now, regardless of sexual orientation.

Heifer International

Tired of exchanging meaningless clutter at the holidays? Why not buy a goat for a village? Flock of chickens more your style? How about a llama? Gotta love a llama.
Feel good, and avoid the malls.

Children of the Night

When the adults who are supposed to love and protect a child fail miserably at their responsibilities, you end up with a street kid. Help get those kids into a safe, nurturing environment.

Lambda Literary Foundation

If supporting the arts is more your style, think about donating something to Lambda.

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