Friday, October 31, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Wonderful

Mae West had that right. But too much of mediocre things?

First off - I know how hard authors hustle to promote their books, and I know why they do it, but...

Today alone, I've seen 11 promos from a certain writer for her new novel. Granted, that's spread across six lists, but that means almost two posts per list just since 7AM today. Looking back three days, there are 33 promos from her for the same novel on the same lists. For the past week, that number jumps to well over 80. And it's the same damn message every time.

I am Sooooooo not ever reading that book.

BTW - my reading at Hustler Hollywood went great last night. It has a better space than I expected. Another big surprise - their coffee bar is really integrated into the community. People were out on the patio that overlooks Sunset Boulevard smoking a hookah and drinking their lattes, and other people were hanging out inside like it was Starbucks. (I didn't drink the coffee, so I can't vouch for the quality, but the scenery is certainly more interesting.) Down the street is the famous Whiskey A Go Go, and a little bit past that is the (infamous) Viper Room. Today will be the big festivities in West Hollywood, but I did see Dracula last night. He was parallel parking a Chevy Metro at a red curb. So know you know what the undead drive. And what those red curbs are for (reserved parking for vamps).

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Helen said...

I'm on enough Yahoo Groups that I sometimes see the same damn promo twenty times in one day. I've decided to trim my list of Yahoo Groups as a result. Besides, I can only focus my promo efforts on a limited number of groups and I have discovered that I prefer groups that actually have something going on besides a great big promo/excerpt dump. A little conversation would be nice, ne?