Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Skirt Up, Knickers Down

Must write a story for DL King's Spank anthology, due January 15th. (scroll down to find the call for submissions) Must fill my thoughts with pert bottoms and reasons for applying a sound spanking. Or just say WTF the don't worry about a deeper story. Just yank a young lady over someone's lap and make her wail. The squirm. And prove she really loves it.

If only.

I suck at writing male Dom/ female sub because nothing about it turns me on. It flatlines my libido. Maybe I've met too many male "Doms." *bites tongue, hard, to stop from going off on a rant*

Kink is hardly a place to try to apply logic, and I'm definitely in the YKIOK camp (Your kink is okay), but if the story doesn't turn me on at some level, I'm doubtful that I can deliver that certain little unidentifiable moment that pushes readers' buttons. So even though I joke about bluffing my way through it, I'm going to have to dig deeper and find something to love (or lust after) before I can write a story. Otherwise, I'll get bored and never finish.

*rummages through brain attic for some scenario that might hold a spark of interest*

*finds dust motes floating through sunbeams infinitely more fascinating*

This is going to be a long two weeks.


Remittance Girl said...

I'd like to write something for it too - because D.L. King has excellent taste *grin*

But yes...I feel like I've explored all the spanking I'm interested in.

It's a quandary. Good luck with yours. I'm sure it will be a wonderful twist on the theme - which is what I like.

D. L. King said...

Hey, who said it had to be male dom/fem sub? I never said that. Who do you think you're talking to anyway?

And RG, thanks! Hopefully I'll have another something that will be right up your alley--or up somebody else's alley you'd like to muse about. Um, well, I'm sure you can where I'm headed.

Speaking of "headed," I'm light headed from lack of food. Must eat!

Kathleen Bradean said...

D.L. - Of course you didn't say it had to be fem sub, but I know what the market likes, so I tried. Then it took a turn I liked, so I followed it there.