Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 9

I just got my contributor copies of Mammoth Book of Best new Erotica 9 in the mail today. It's so nice when a publisher fulfills the terms of their contract, isn't it? *coughCLEIScough*

If you're thinking of writing erotica, this is a good place to see where people are being published as all the stories in Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica were culled form other sources. Most anthologies are built around a theme. You can get burned out after the tenth balloon vampire BDSM tale, but this one shows the range of work out there. If one story doesn't do it for you, the next one might. As always, I'm thrilled to be in such great company. Remittance Girl, Maxim Jakubowski, DL King, Alison Tyler, Jeremy Edwards, Shanna Germain, Donna George Storey, Mike Kimera.... Good company indeed.


Shanna Germain said...

Ooh! I haven't gotten my copy yet. Fingers crossed. Such a pretty cover. And good company!

Best, s.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Kathleen—I'm always honored to be in a toc with you!

Like Shanna, I'm still on mailbox watch on this one. (I'd hoped it would be in the post-holiday-weekend mail dump today, but no such luck.)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Update: I got mine a few days ago, and I dipped in and out over the weekend. I loved your story—so charming and sexy! Is it part of a Georgie & Jack series, or was it a one-off?

Kathleen Bradean said...

Jeremy - thanks!
There's another Jack and Georgie story in Coming Together - Against the Odds called The Booty Call Caper. I have a novel in mind for them, where they'll solve the case of Hot Toddy's (Thelma Todd's) murder. I love those madcap 40's movies and wanted to do something that captured the style of dialog - only naughty.

D. L. King said...

I adore your story, Kathleen. And I loved The Booty Call Caper, too! Well, you know I'm one of your biggest fans, so I'm always thrilled to be in a book with you and thanks for the compliment!

D. L. King