Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I Won! I Won! Well, sort of...

It's an honor just to be nominated.

This time, I'm perfectly happy to be the bridesmaid instead of the bride.

I won second place in Clean Sheet's Rock Me Contest with my story Solace or Moonlight (Clair de Lune).

I'm having a good writing month, as my story Kells is on ERWA, and I was a panelist for the writer's workshop at Conjecture 4.

This isn't something that I like to talk about, because talking about donations I've made seems too much like bragging, but I want to encourage you to give a little bit too, so.... In my continuing effort to keep my porn karma in good balance, my winnings from Clean Sheets were donated to NO/AIDS Task Force in loving memory of Jim Sands, an ERWA lister who passed away a couple weeks ago. Check out NO/AIDS Task Force. It's a worthy cause, and they could sure use your help to reach a population our government wishes would simply disappear.


Anonymous said...

That's doing it with the sort of style that Jim would have appreciated. Thank you so much.


velvetbabe said...

He'll be missed. That was very kind of you, J. and your story was really beautiful. I loved the way you wove in all the tunes.


ps: gf! those arts orgs are looking at you & i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(as well they should be!)


W. S. Cross said...

Well, if that one was second place, then the first place winner must be incredible, because that is one helluva story.