Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Little Dissent

I know that the SO reads my blog, but he rarely comments on it. I heard about the soccer one though.

SO: "Look at you, pretending that you can watch a soccer game in silence."

ME: *adopting wide-eyed innocent look* "But I can."

SO: "No you can't."

ME: *Getting a little pissy* "Yes. I. Can."

SO: "Dissent!" *triumphantly whips out yellow caution card he's obviously prepared in advance*

After laughing far to long, and way too hard, at his feeble joke, he slid the card back into his shirt pocket.

SO: "You don't know how long I've been wanting to do that. You should know better than to argue with a ref."

I rolled my eyes. Geek wit. Worse- referee geek wit.

SO: "Oh, more dissent. Watch it." *laughs more at his wit as he pretends to reach for his yellow card.* "But seriously, unlike those idiot parents, you do understand the rules of the game. Have you ever thought of reffing?"

Oh good god. Never trust a man with 40 volunteer referee spots to fill.

ME: "You know I'd red card (eject from the game) the first spectator that questioned one of my calls."

SO: *sobering up* "Yeah, you would."

ME: "Although.... Power.... Excellent."

I wonder how I'd look in one of those uniforms.


Anonymous said...

I like the referee-geek-wit so much I'd love to use it. Problem is, I don't know anyone who'd get it.

Kathleen Bradean said...

All it takes is setting up the story right. Go for it!