Sunday, December 17, 2006

Writer's Salon

I held my semi-annual writer's salon today. As usual, I cooked enough for two armies and but only invited a battalion. The mimosas were flowing.

One of the advantages of getting writers together is that we talk about publishers and editors. It gives me a better sense of why people choose the publishers they did, and more importantly, if they are happily published. When I started writing my YA novel, I had a publisher in mind, and everything I heard convinced me they are the right ones to offer it to.

I got to talk some with a writer from my new e-publisher. I know that there are more writers in the LA area that work with that publisher, and hope that they can make the next gathering.

It's too bad I only have enough energy to do this several times a year, but at least I run into these people at readings too.

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