Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Futbol Season is Here!

Yes, real football, not American football. You know, the game where they actually use their feet?

I watched the US team play Guatemala tonight. It wasn't much of a game, honestly. It was nice seeing that Ruiz (Guatemala) - who used to play for the Galaxy - still has an acting career ahead of him when he retires from soccer. Of perhaps he'll try out for the Guatemalan men's diving team. (Oh I know - meow - but I've been watching him play for years, and he goes down more times in ninety minutes than a cheap hooker). Still, as flat as the game was, it was like seeing the first crocus peeking through the snow - a sign that something wonderful is around the corner. In case you've been living in a cave the past six months - Beckham will be playing for LA this year. Oh joy! Oh rapture!

Oh crap, I hope I'm still able to get seats close to the pitch. I do love watching the subs warm up - up close and personal.

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