Saturday, June 30, 2007

Story on ERWA

My story Nations (hate the title) is up on ERWA this month.

I haven't been contributing too much lately to ERWA. I do critiques when I can, but that's the first story I've submitted in ages. Writing novels takes a lot of time, and I've been writing a few of them lately, so my short stories are suffering.

The thing about this story, and it drives me insane, is that I thought of it two days after the close of submissions for Greg Herren's queer sci-fi anthology. I might have pleaded with him for an extension, but having the idea of a story and having one written are two vastly different things, so I didn't. That gave me plenty of time to think this one over. Unfortunately, maybe too much time.

One of my deciding factors between a short story and a novel is the size of the underlying theme. Nations has a couple big ideas squeezed into it, with no room to
really explore any one of them. So while I'm okay with the story, now I'm
thinking this deserves to become a novel. *sigh* Another novel. I'm working on one right now. I guess when I finish it I'll take a serious look at Nations (and come up with a better title) and decide if I really want to pursue it. And if I do invest the months it will take to write it, who is publishing queer science fiction novels? Oh let's be honest - I know I'm going to write it anyway. It has too many of my
favorite themes (communication devices as machines of isolation, connection, the tyranny of collective correct-think, and how much I truly hate clothes and hair cuts as group identifiers) to ignore it.


Helen said...

I don't know who's publishing queer sci-fi, but if you find a publisher, let me know, because you know that's one of my favorite subjects too. And I think your story worked pretty well. However, like you, I haven't been doing too much critting lately, so while I read it, my ass was too lazy to send the crit. I blame my kids and the cats.

Kathleen Bradean said...

I do know a print publisher, but... well... I'll e-mail you.