Saturday, January 26, 2008

Egads, I'm Going to Talk About A Celeb

Am I the only person on earth who isn't wallowing is gleeful schadenfreude over Britney Spears' current life situation?

I'm not a fan of her work, and on the whole I couldn't care less about her, her music, and her poor life choices, but it's constantly thrust into my face, so I'm aware of it. It could be that she's genuinely mentally ill. How hilarious! Maybe she'll develop breast cancer and the world can celebrate that too. Maybe the Dr. Phils of this world can seize it as an opportunity to take further advantage of the situation too. I just can't wait.

Gathering from the number of people who posted a new YouTube video making fun of Britney's latest woes to the comments section of my MySpace pages, kicking Brit when she's down is the new national sport. I guess it's easier to aim low than high. I'd say thanks for sharing, but really, I could have done without seeing that cruel streak. So I deleted the comments. And yes, I think a little less of those posters as human beings. I expect more from people I "friend."

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