Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ashley Lister's Confession ;)

Dammit Kathleen,

You always ask such probing questions!

As you know, the major taboos in erotic fiction are incest, necrophilia,
paedophilia and bestiality. (This sounds like the opening to a very bad
joke - but it isn't). Speaking personally none of those deviations float my
boat so self-censoring against them has never been an issue. I find it hard
to write about something being sexually exciting when I'm not able to engage
any personal enthusiasm for the subject.

Does this mean that my self-censor is so ingrained I'm not even aware that
it's operating?

Whilst interviewing UK swingers for my most recent book I spoke with a lot
of people who have an automatic sanction against "the three Ps of
recreational sex," (no pain, pissing or poo). However, whilst we were
discussing these forbidden subjects, the majority conceded to enjoying a
little pain when the mood/partner/situation was right and the other "Ps"
were not wholly ruled out on every occasion.

So, in short, I don't think I have a really "dark" story lurking inside me.
I think most of my erotic fiction is as pure and white as the driven snow
(or, at least, as white as the aftermath of a bukkake party).

Best wishes,

Ashley Lister

Adds: Ashley is a fellow reviewer on Erotica Revealed ,
author of many books, and a monthly columnist for the Erotica
Readers and Writer's Association

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