Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Million Ways To Avoid Work

Every writer I know is a champion procrastinator. I (humbly) include myself in this group.

It goes something like:

Sit down at computer with determination to finish rewrite of two scenes.

Check e-mails.

Go back to MS (manuscript)

Notice dishes in the sink.

Wash dishes.

Go back to computer.

Feed cat.

Go back to computer.

Sweep kitchen floor.

Go back to computer.

Swear up and down I'll only do one sudoku puzzle.

That one didn't count.

Either did that one.

Close down web browser and give self a stern lecture.

Give into temptation to answer an e-mail with a smart-assed quip.

Close e-mail.

Open MS.

Check clock.

How can it be 11AM already?

But as I promised Shawn I'd go through the edits on my YA novel by Sunday, I'm really serious about stopping this bad habit of procrastination and getting right to it.

...As soon as I finish this blog entry.

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