Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'm Been Mused!

If you know me at all, you know that I have zero patience with art divas who run around talking about their muse. Throw me into velvet and fringe and cap me off with a turban if I ever start talking like that.

On the other hand...

There I was, talking so smugly about being okay with nothing to write, and a huge idea for a YA series came up behind me and whapped me upside the head. Not a book. A series. A whole frinkin' series.

On the ride home, I was trying to shove the characters that were popping up in my mind back into the wherever characters come from place, but it's too late. Like tribbles binging on wheat in space station storage, the characters were deftly avoiding my attempts to shove them back into the ether where they belong.

I know I'm not writing right now, but I don't have time for this inspiration. Helen Madden and I are about to take off into our Yaoiverse and I have three other novels in mind that I'm ignoring quite contentedly. Then this one comes along and muscles it's way to the front of the queue. The plot bunnies of doom are sneaky and evil. I just hope one of these days I catch the damn muse that let them loose so I can dump them back on her doorstep.

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But, see, it's OK to make a million bucks!