Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Flesh is Willing, But the Bank Account is Weak

I missed Gaylaxicon this weekend. I've wanted to go for several years, but simply can't afford the time off, or the hotel bills. I'd also love to go WisCon, and LitQuake (which was also this weekend), YaoiCon, ComicCon, and several others.

The problem with science fiction cons is that I'm a bit intimidated by the hardcore fans out there who can recite chapter and verse from Farscape universe and Alan Moore graphic novels. I've never been able to immerse myself in anything to that point. There are millions of fascinating worlds. I'd rather gaze at a thousand of them through a telescope than at a drop of water from one world through a microscope. Or you could say that while I recognize fandom as a social construct, I've passed by too many drunk boys wearing fetish offworld military gear in hotel hallways having heart-to-heart talks at three in the morning to find it enchanting. Plus, I truly hate that horrified gasp when I admit that I haven't read any of James Tiptree's short stories. Or know the name of the planet Ripley was on in Aliens 3. Or are familiar with the other works by the director of Ghost in the Shell. But I'll admit I truly enjoyed the Klingon wedding I attended. Didn't understand a word of it (being the only person in the room not fluent in Klingon), but still had a blast. (Word of advice: Blood Ale stains your gums for a couple days, so sip at the toasts, don't guzzle.)

I'm in search of an Erotica writers conference though. I've worked with several groups interest in starting one, but no one has been able to mesh visions enough to get one going. If you've heard of one, let me know. For that, I'll make the bank account submit to my will.

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Helen said...

I'm with you on the whole fandom thing. I enjoy sci-fi, but it's been years since I've obsessed over any particular author or movie or TV show. I would much rather enjoy the broad spectrum of sci-fi than bury myself in any particular aspect of it.

Having said that, I have no problems attending conventions. No one ever calls me out on my lack of in-depth knowledge, and when I attend as a guest, it's partly because I can talk about several topics, not just one. You should definitely go to cons. Find your "niche" perhaps, the thing that makes you marketable as a guest. For me, it's podcasting and spec fic erotica. I know you'd make an excellent guest!