Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Get A Grip

Next week, I join the staff of Oh Get A Grip. The staff is Lisabet Sarai, Devon Rhodes, Michelle Houston, C. Sanchez-Garcia, and Ashley Lister, with a guest blogger every Saturday. Lisabet and Ashley are fellow reviewers of literary erotica on Erotica Revealed.

Helen Madden (Cynical Woman) is leaving OGG, unfortunately. I've known Helen for years. She's a wonderful person, a bundle of energy, and a fantastic writer. She is active in the Erotica Readers and Writers Association's Storytime critique list, does a weekly podcast of her original stories, draws a comic strip, and writes too. Amazing. I hate the euphemism "leaving to seek other opportunities," because that's corporate speak for fired. Helen definitely wasn't fired. But she's got so much going on that the weekly commitment got to be too much, and she wants to be free to, yes, pursue other opportunities. Hopefully this means she'll have more time to write. I'm a fan as well as a friend.

Helen had Friday, but people are shuffling days, so I'll be posting on Tuesdays.

If you would like to see any topics covered, let me know, as I'm supposed to help come up with ideas as well as writing my weekly article. Stop by and see what everyone is talking about on Oh Get a Grip.


Helen said...

I think you're going to work out just fine in OGG. Can't wait to read your blog posts. Now I'm off to write those other opportunities you spoke of!

Kathleen Bradean said...

And I know you're going to do great. I hope this frees up time for another novel. Yes? *nods encouragingly* A sequel to Demon By Day?

Vincent Diamond said...

Congrats on the new gig; I hope it's both fun and productive for you.