Monday, November 29, 2010


EAA news

As many of you are aware, Erastes has announced that she will step down as the director of EAA (Erotica Authors Association). During her tenure, she guided the EAA to a revitalized group with active social network blogs and increased membership. We owe her a big thanks for all her work.

Many of you helped to launch the new efforts, and are actively involved in maintaining those blogs. A big thanks to you too.

With the blessing of Marilyn Jaye Lewis, the founder of EAA, and Erastes, I've decided to step into the director's role. With so much going on, I'm not sure who is involved with what functions, so please contact me offlist to let me know how you contribute and if you plan to continue (please do!).

My immediate plan is to continue to offer members information for submissions and give us a place to announce our book releases, so that aspect will not change. However, I'm also working on an erotica writers convention to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in August of 2011. Let me know how you feel about that, and be sure to send ideas my way!

I look forward to continuing what Marilyn and Erastes have worked so hard to build.

Thank you!

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