Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Milestone, Of Sorts

I updated my submissions spreadsheet today when I received an acceptance letter for a story.

For the first time in ages, I counted how many stories I've published. 30. It's a nice round number. Sure, it pales in comparison to the 300 plus Kate Dominic can claim, or the 200 or so M. Christian has, but I'm happy with my 30. No. Not happy. Truly, deeply astonished and thrilled. Time for a happy dance.


J-ROCK said...

hi! congrats on getting to lucky no. 30. :) (this is jcal from qufo, btw)

i was wondering if you had an article or story written that you could let me use for a magazine spread. i'm working on my portfolio and i'd like to include a 2 page spread of something you wrote. i'm not going to sell it and you get full credit, of course.

so please please please? :) if not, i totally understand. i'm trying to be a magazine art director, hence the whole "i need to design magazine spreads" thing.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news, my not-so-evil-twin!

Kathleen Bradean said...

JCal - CYM.

Diet coke lite of evil twins - thanks. (But you wish you were so evil)