Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Orleans wrap up

Hurricane Katrina wasn't a single disaster. It was over a million individual armageddons.

I've given the idea of support a lot of thought and decided on a two-pronged effort.

This isn't a subject I like to bring up, because the highest form of giving is when the donor is unknown and unrecognized. I hate to deliberately set myself back on the path to enlightenment -- I do it often enough by accident-- but this subject matters more than karmic brownie points.

I've been reading dismaying reports about how our government actively discriminates against same-sex couples when dishing out the disaster $$, and big charities are playing along with that mind-set. So I thought I'd donate to NOAids Task Force, but their site is down. It stands to reason. They had to flee the city too. It must be breaking their hearts that they can't help their clients. If you're inclined to donate, you might want to look here.

I'm still mulling this over, but I will make a decision soon on where to channel my donation.

My other idea was to support New Orleans writers. See my next posting for books I read while on vacation.

As for K - we finally heard from him. He, his partner, and their cats, got out of the city. (And went to Key West, of all places.) His sister tells me that he was surprised as hell that we were all so concerned. She told me, "When I see K, I'm gonna slug him and then hug him, the little shit." That pretty much sums up my feelings.

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