Thursday, July 27, 2006

Uh, Okay

Headline on Yahoo news today:

Payphones Suffer As Cellphone Use Rises.


Payphones are targets for all sorts of nasty things. Slugs instead of coins jammed into their delicate slits. Eviscerated. Receivers ripped away. Vandalized. Phone books stolen. Graffiti. Their booths used for illicit sex... The mean streets are a hard place to survive. And now, the coupe de grace, cellphones. Makes me want to go pat a payphone on the, er, head, and say, "There, there." If only I could find one. Wait a second- my cellphone has internet access! I'll just Google an address.

And somewhere, a payphone suffers indignantly, yet stoically, this final humiliation.

Oh, the humanity... of inanimate objects.

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