Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What a Game!

I didn't have any favorites between Germany and Italy, (My Fabio Cannavaro lust aside.) so I sat down to this match with a determination to cheer for the beauty of the game, not a side.

People complain that soccer is a low scoring sport. It is, but that should prove to them how precious each goal is, how hard fought, what an accomplishment it is, not that the sport is boring. When I watch TV for an hour and a half, it's because I'm riveted, not because I don't have anything better to do. Did you see the footwork? The brilliant passes? Did you notice how exceptional the referee was? I sure did. When Italy put the ball in the net, I was on my feet. Not because it was Italy, but because it was the beautiful game at its finest.

I'm so glad it didn't go to PKs. I think any fan is. If it had, Germany probably would have won. It was evenly matched. Both teams were awesome. It's too bad it wasn't the final, because I can't see it getting any finer that this.

What a game!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

I'm from ERWA, too, and an avid sports lover. Was going through some Writers stuff, and accidentally clicked on your blog's link. I'm delighted I did! You write amazingly well...and this post struck close to my heart, for I love soccer to madness!

So thrilling to discover an American, and a lady to boot (no racial or gender slur implied, okay? Im just an ignoramus, hehehe {hugssssssss} )))) is so deeply involved and loves this beautiful game so much!

You really have captured the essence of the game's beauty in your short post! That also tells me why your stories are so unfailingly exciting, hot! I loved the one that was set in Egypt, centering around an archaeological dig, That was so grand in its sweep, so imaginative and lush, such an exciting, hot and fulfilling read!

Now before I let my garrulousness get away with itself, let me pen off here. Thanks for all your wonderful stories. (((((((Huggssss}}}}}}}

Lots of Love