Saturday, August 05, 2006

Baby Talk Cover Controversy

I will never stop shaking my head at this. Yet more proof that Americans need to grow up about sexuality.

Baby Talk magazine recently showed an infant breastfeeding on it's cover, and the readers went ballistic.

One claimed she had to turn it over quick before her husband saw it. Huh? An adult man, father of a child, and she had to protect his innocent eyes? I can't believe someone with the sexual maturity of a 10 year old is a mother. Has her husband never seen her bared breasts? I guess if she's a complete frum it's possible, but unless they're conducting marital relations through a hole in a sheet, chances are the mister's seen her breasts before. Or is her problem letting him see it being used for the purpose for which it was designed? How separated is she from the reality of her body?

Humans are the only mammals with engorged mammary glands when the female isn't lactating. It's that whole butt cleavage/breast cleavage primal turn-on thing to make up for upright walking. But to equating breastfeeding with pornography is really stretching it.

I've always thought so, but now I truly think there should be a mandatory emotional maturity test for anyone thinking of becoming a parent. It would save the children of this world years of trauma at the hands of their preadolescent parents.

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