Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Make Cum, Not War

I am so tired of the Red State/Republican/Christian hard-on for violence as the only acceptable sexual release outside of marriage.

Take the young, dumb, and full of cum, complete the Christian/Patriot brainwash in bootcamp, and then send them off to die in wars we start for the sole purpose of testing our military readiness and weapons. This is nothing new. We've been doing it ever since the Civil War. If we only fought wars on our soil, barring WWI and WWII involvement which I agree was necessary, our Veteran's Hospitals would be quiet places, and our Veteran's cemeteries emptier. So what do we gain by wounding, sacrificing, and emotionally maiming the youth of our country? Well, at least their sex drives are sublimated, which presumably makes them better Christians. Shooting off bullets instead of cum. Too bad the soldiers don't realize that the Constitution they are sworn to defend is under attack here on US soil, not thousands of miles away.

I'm thinking about this a lot lately - partially because of Trebor Healey's poetry, partially because I was raised military and am revisiting that life in a novel I'm working on, and partially due to the underground war the US Government is waging agaisnt sex and our first amendment rights.

While I was at Trebor and Justin Chin's reading at Skylight book, I had a chance to talk with Kate Dominic, who writes a lot of stories that sell to for-pay erotica sites. She told me that her most consistent customer, who owns a few sites and manages a few more, warned her that the credit card companies, under duress from the government, were refusing to process credit card payments for the sites because of objectionable words found in a few stories.

Objectionable words. What they really mean is objectionable ideas. There's nothing a government fears more than ideas, which is why the Bush administration has gone to war against the written word.

Let me be clear - these site were for-pay, available only to adults. The stories, while fetish, portrayed IN WORDS consenting adults doing what consenting adults enjoy doing. Republican adults even seem to enjoy this, as sales per capita in red states for smut are higher than in blue states. (For this blog, I can track what states viewers are from, and what search words they use to find it, and believe me, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, the kinkiest search strings I've seen have come from Alabama, Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, and Texas. You Alabama people got a thing for panties, don'tcha? Sunday morning too. That's when you all drop by. And you sure leave my blog in a hurry when you realize there are no smutty panty pictures for you to wank to before you go to church.)

There were several key words that got those sites into trouble. Words. Not pictures. Words expressing ideas of age play - which is when consenting ADULTS pretend in a sexual fantasy to be younger than they really are - like men in convertibles with hair pieces, only sexy instead of creepy.

No kids involved. And yet, this censorship is being done in the guise of protecting children. It makes for good sound bites, but it's like taking a shotgun out to kill a flea. Kate warned me it was coming, but I was surprised to see it happen so soon. Less than two weeks later, and the owner is shutting down most of the sites.

I strongly support the efforts to end kiddie porn. Put people who abuse kids in prison - forever. But for the love of the Constitution, let consenting adults make their own bedroom decisions. And please - US Government - quit policing our fantasies. No matter how much you enjoy playing bondage games with our words, ideas are impossible to restrain, and they submit to no one.

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