Sunday, January 21, 2007

Switching Gears

I've never been so busy as a writer. Of course everything had to hit in January, my busiest time in real life, but I'm still loving it.

I need to write a blurb for a friend's novel.

I just got a contract for a short story I promised to write.

I got a contract for a short story I submitted to one of Zane's collections ages ago. (not much to do there but review the contract - and you know I will! - and update my bio)

I received the edited version of Chaos Magic and have to clean that up and maybe add a few scenes.

I'm working on an erotica writer's conference.

I'm heading a panel on BDSM at a conference in March and have to get my panel questions together as well as a syllabus of BDSM how-to books and BDSM novel reading suggestions.

All of this on top of the other novel I'm planning to submit soon.

Yesterday I was in synopsis mode for the new novel. Today, I'm going through the editor's comments on Chaos Magic. I have to switch gears into the right mindset. If only my brain would stop whirling around with all these other matters.

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