Friday, July 13, 2007

Suspect Thoughts Press

It's probably no secret that I think the world of Suspect Thoughts Press. Not only are Greg and Ian amazing people, they also consistently publish incredible books. Ali Liebegott's The Beautifully Worthless, Origami Striptease by Peggy Munson , Sweet Son of Pan by dear friend Trebor Healey, Butch is Noun by S. Bear Bergman, Attack of the Man-Eating Lotus Blossoms by Justin Chin, 35 Cents by Matty Lee, A History of Barbed Wire by Jeff Mann... I could list their entire catalog, but to save time, I'll just link to it.

BUT even better - they're having a sale!!!!!! Wow, did my credit card just flinch? It couldn't have, because:

To help you catch up on some Suspect Thoughts Press titles you may not yet have (hint, hint), we’re offering a special “three for two” summer sale through our secure website store! Yes, three books for the price of two!

Pick two of our fabulous already discounted titles for purchase; add them to your shopping cart. In the “special instructions” area mention the “three for two” deal and tell us your third book choice that you’d like free of charge. Presto... Any three books for the price of two!

Get some summer books, people!

Support queer literature, and treat yourself to some incredible books.

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