Friday, September 21, 2007

The P'Town Murders

I went to Jeffrey Round's reading for his mystery novel The P'Town Murders last night at A Different Light. The little taste of his book - a blue haired psychic healer and a secret agent - put me in the mood for murder (a murder mystery) so I'm really looking forward to curling up with this book.

Max Pierce (The Master of Seacliff) introduced Jeff. It's always great to see Max. And I recognized Jeff's bf Shane from Saints and Sinners. This is one of the nice things about going to readings and to Saints and Sinners - being a writer can seem very isolating, but if you get out there, you realize that you do have a community. And the best part of that community is that it's filled with vibrant, creative people.

After the reading, Jeff, Shane (there, now I feel much better that I have his name right) and I walked down to the Abbey for drinks. I asked Jeff the question I always ask mystery writers - Did you know 'who done it' when you started. They always tell me, "No." I don't' know why I keep asking. But I'm so amazed that mysteries aren't plotted out down to the Nth degree before the writer starts. I love mysteries, but I can't write them. Maybe I should listen to what these professional have to say and just dive in. But.....

Jeff is one of the last writers to get his book out of Haworth's Harrington Park Press fiction line before the shut-down. Unfortunately, that means he's got no support for promotion. (not that Haworth ever really promoted anyone) Also tied up in this Haworth mess his his second book in this series. Like all the other Haworth writers with contract, Jeff has no idea where things stand. I really feel for all the Haworth writers and hope that soon someone at that company has the decency to let them know what the future holds.

BTW - yes, I was in WeHo again, and yes, I parked at the same lot I always do, and yes, out of pure orneriness, I stood in the exact same spot I did Monday night and smoked a cig. This time, in peace. (of course, there's a world of difference between WeHo on a Monday night and a Thursday night. The town was hopping last night.)


Anonymous said...

You are too good! When did you get time to write this???

His name is Shane, but it's only his third name, so it's not like you've screwed up his identity or anything.

Sorry to give you the standard response on your big question, but it's true: it's easier with hindsight to see who would be the best murderer, so you don't wanna be too tight about it beforehand.


Anonymous said...

You are too good! When did you get the time to write this??

His name is Shane, but it's only his third name, so it's not like you screwed up his identity or anything.

Sorry for giving the standard answer to your question, but it's true: it's easier to see who the best murderer is with hindsight. You don't want to overplan it all beforehand. For me it usually clicks in about halfway through a first draft, but there's no hard and fast rule to it.

Thanks again!


Unknown said...

Thanks for going to see my friend. You're a good person to know within our community!

I, too, am surprised about the mystery thing. I think I'd figure out who done it first, and then work backwards to figure out who got done.)
~ Stormy/Gina