Sunday, September 30, 2007

Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

Today is good and bad news day.

Good news - I'm about three scenes from finishing the first draft of Love Runes. I was on a roll yesterday and moved through a significant portion of the story.

Bad news - Writing, meaning typing the story into the computer, almost every day for three weeks has aggravated my arthritis to the point where my hands are weak and achy. I'm afraid to pick anything up, because I don't have the ability to grasp firmly and I drop things. Further bad news - pain pills and anti-inflammatories are murder on my stomach.

Good news - I'll be working a booth at the West Hollywood Book Fair today, so I'll have to give my hands a rest.

Bad news - I think any writer would agree with me on this one. When you're in the writing groove and it's flowing well, nothing is worse than having to stop. Having to eat, sleep, or take part in real life is annoying as hell. With the end of the novel so close that I can taste it, I'm crazy disappointed that I can't write. Lord knows that's all I'll think about today.

Good news - more and more friends have been sending emails saying that they'll be at the book fair, so I have at least twelve people I get to talk to who I don't see often. And I can pick up more books for my already teetering reading pile. Wait - is that good news or bad news?


mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Kathleen, of course I can totally understand about the pain! I would also recommend voice activation software for the long-term -- it's incredibly stressful to get used to, so it won't help right away but it's definitely gotten much better then when I started with it (version 5 -- now it's version 9!)... at this point I don't know how I would write without it -- feel free to call if you want more info/advice/empathy.

And hope the book fair goes well!

Love --

D. Travers Scott, News said...

Sorry we missed you at the fair; hope it went well. Was down sick all Sunday, blech!