Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Helen Madden chimes in

Helen writes:

Attitude. More than anything else, it's attitude that makes a character sexy and it's the character's attitude that will seduce the reader (and yes, the reader must always be seduced, or where would the fun be in the writing?). But what kind of attitude? I like bad boys who can get away with anything, but I also like shy little minxes who coyly lead their lovers along. The character's attitude shines through in their dialogue, their actions, their motivations. In
fact, I say it is the character. I'm writing a story right now about a main character who has a lot of attitude - spoiled, frustrated, wants way more than his fifteen minutes of fame but he's never earned - and damn if that little strumpet isn't sexy as hell. Makes me want to put him over my knee and spank his bottom.

KB: Helen is the most energetic writer I know. She's into podcasting. She's a features editor for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association. Her first novel - Demon By Day- is coming out soon from Mojo Castle. She makes animated short movies. She designed my Jay Lygon website. She's active at science fiction cons, has a black belt in... remind me Helen..., and she volunteers for EPIC. Whew! And that's only what she does during the day. I think by night she fights crime.

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