Friday, April 11, 2008

Remittance Girl's answer

Remittance Girl writes:

"No, it's not enough (that another character finds the character sexy) and I think this is the real flaw in a lot of erotica writing. Being told that a character is sexy, hot, whatever,
doesn't convince me, as a reader, that they are. Having another character think they're hot, sexy, whatever...ditto.

As a reader, I need to be seduced. I need to be shown something, inside
the character, that makes them attractive for me, as a reader. For that, I need flaws."

Remittance Girl's website.

KB: RG, as she's known to us on ERWA,
writes some of my favorite erotica. She's always pushing out on the
artistic edge, challenging both herself and the reader. Take a look at
her website. Most of her stories are there.

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