Thursday, May 01, 2008

Amanda Earl says:

Amanda wrote:

"All forms of dialogue arouse my curiosity. I'd like to understand
what gives dialogue its nobility and what makes it a high art for
those of us who live wrapped around solitude like harmless boas. What
is the value of a question in a dialogue? How important are the
answers?" Nicole Brossard, Yesterday, at the Hotel Clarendon

I suck at dialogue. I find it unnatural in fiction most of the time.
Even when I'm reading other people's fiction, dialogue tends to take
me out of the work because it feels so forced and not the way people
speak at all; of course there are notable exceptions; some writers
excel at dialogue, but not me.

That being said, to me the role of dialogue with other characters is
less to show who the minor characters are than to reveal more about
the protagonists from another point of view and to help evoke a mood
or push a plot forward.

These days I'm more interested in exploring solitude and silence in
my fiction than I am in exploring dialogue. I love exploring the
unreliable narrator of first person and also third person omniscient.
The latter is out of fashion, which is why I find it fun to try.

Amanda Earl:

My emo vampire story will be on line at in the next
month or so. I'm working on several stories right now for
consideration for upcoming anthologies. "The Editor" was published
this year by Cleis Press in "Yes Sir, Erotic Stories of Female
Submission," edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. I also write poetry and
am working on a book length manuscript about Kiki of Montparnasse,
the painter and artists' muse who lived in Paris in the 1920s and was
the lover of Man Ray.

KB: Thanks for the Thaneros link. That site looks great!

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