Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Long Weekend Long Gone

You would think with a three-day weekend that I'd be able to come up
with something pithy to say, especially since I haven't made an entry
for so long.


I spent all weekend working on the last Chaos Magic novel. Yes, I wrote a first draft this winter. However, after all that work, I figured out that it was the wrong story
to tell. So I started over again. Worked like a demon this weekend, from 8 in the morning until 10 at night. From chapter 3 to chapter 15. It's falling into place like it was pre -written and I'm just plucking it out of the air. Which is total crap, of course. Before I wrote the first version and went wrong, this was the story I was tinkering with. This is the story I told myself every day on my long commutes back and forth to work. So why wasn't this the story I wrote when I first sat down to the computer? There's a great literary term for that sort of writer's trick - being an idiot. But never fear. I'm writing so smoothly now that I look brilliant by comparison. (Comparison to myself doesn't really count though, does it?)

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