Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Eyes Are Still Burning

The fund raiser for Stuart went fantastic today. I counted about 160 when the readings started, but another 20-40 easily came later. I haven't heard the official amount raised, but I think they hit the mark and maybe went beyond it. This was so fantastic for a couple reasons.

1) The huge Prop 8 protests at City Hall. Many people came right from the protests to this fundraiser. Party chatter, as you can imagine, was very political. But the great part was hearing so many activists from the Stonewall generation talk about how excited they were to see the 20 year-olds marching in such great numbers.

2) It was brutally hot today in Los Angeles. Instead of going home and cooling off after the protests, people decided to come help raise money.

3) We could smell the wildfires in the foothills, and ash snowed down on us steadily all day - which is why my eyes are burning and my nose feels like it's about to bleed.

4) The sprawl of Los Angeles tends to isolate everyone. But today, we gathered together to help out. I love seeing community. One woman told me that she'd been evacuated from her home last night because of the fires, but she came anyway.

Unfortunately, Stuart wasn't able to attend. He needed medical transport and all ambulances were on call because of the fires.

While the party may have raised the targeted amount, Stuart needs a lot of physical therapy and the money raised today will only go so far. His friend Bill was telling me of the need to find specialized computer equipment so that he can write again. Giving Stuart back his voice won't just help him. It will help the entire queer community. So if you can give, please do. (Contact me off list and I'll get the info to you)

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