Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Start Hating Me

I'm in the zone. Oh man, do I ever love this. For the past couple months, writing has been a chore. Sure, I've been able to write stories, but I was never into them. I like to get swept into the universe I'm writing. I love it when I "method write," that point where I'm feeling the emotions along with my characters and really seeing the story through their point of view. The story flows so well and I'm not easily distracted from writing.

I'm sure those of you who write know what I mean by this. It's a wonderful thing. Creativity is such a gift, such a joy to experience. (Now you're really starting to hate me, right? Don't worry, I'll crash and burn soon, and you'll be the one on the ride.) If you know me well, you know how I roll my eyes at the mention of a Muse. It makes me think of fringe-clad ladies with kohl-rimmed eyes who recline on aubergine crushed velvet fainting couches. Yeah, I joke about Art Divas, but they really do annoy the heck out of me. Even worse are the ones who take pen names like LadyI'mAllMystickalAndShit. But I can see where the ancient Athenians might have attributed the rush of creativity to divine powers. It's temperamental, it's elusive, and it's downright maddening. But when it's here - damn. I'm having too much fun.

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Helen said...

Good god, why would I hate you for that? I cranked out 4K words last weekend, riding the rush of a story I had no idea how to write until I sat down to do it. It feels great, it makes writing worth every other lousy day, and I'll do it again as soon as I can. Kudos to your happy writing days!