Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another weekend, Pissed Away

Not really. I got a lot of writing done.

I received rejection notices from two editors, but I'm not upset about either one.

In the first case, I realized after I submitted that the editor was looking for M/M erotica geared towards a female audience. Guess I shouldn't have dwelt on the money shot in all it's sticky white gloppy glory. That, when you really get down to it, is the difference between writing for a male reader or a female one. Most women (this is a gross generalization) aren't all that fascinated by men's cum. Men (more sweeping generalization) are damn proud of it. There's no right or wrong about that, there's only difference.

In the second case, the editor said my story didn't fit the anthology I submitted it to, but she liked it, and asked if she could keep it mind for another anthology. My answer? "Yes!" I was hugely flattered that she liked it. Like Mr. Wilde said, I can live off a good compliment for days. So I'm floating was if my story were accepted.

I should have been busting my butt this weekend to work on some short stories, but I couldn't get motivated. So I slaved away on my novel instead. The nice thing about writing this one is that I have such a clear sense of how much story I can tell, and how it will flow together, that I'm not sensing any backtracking issues. Sure, I'll have to tweak little things at the end, but on the whole it's working well.

The only chapters I have left to do in the novel are the bad ones. Bad emotionally. If there's no conflict, there's no story. Unfortunately, conflict means putting your characters through hell. Those are the hard chapters to write. Sometimes, when I'm done writing for the night, I'm so depressed that I feel like someone beat me. So you can see why I'm putting that off. But I'm out of happy scenes, so bring on the angst!


janeen said...

Well, hey, congrats on your accepted/not accepted story. Take your warm 'n fuzzies when you can get them!

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