Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gotta Love It

The SO called this morning and told me to open the trunk of his car.

Inside: THIS!

"Happy Birthday!" he told me. "A little something extra, since you never got one from your parents."

My eyes got that certain manic gleam that he fears, er, knows so well. But, since he wasn't there to see it, I chortled with fiendish delight.

I bet I can make something innocent go horribly wrong, I told myself. I could imagine the manufacturer insisting, "It simply isn't possible to melt steel with the chemicals that were in that set, I tell you. A baby could eat that stuff and not even burp!"

My inner Wednesday Aadams is about to be unleashed.

Then, in the voice of a person who's had a couple days to regret an impulse buy, and to reflect on the fact that my parents aren't stupid, the SO asked, "You're not going to catch the house on fire, are you?"

I could have assured him, but where's the fun in that?

"Well.... I'll may try not to."

Now when he gets back from his trip and finds out I haven't gone to the market or done laundry or clean, he'll just be grateful that there are no char marks on our walls. Diminished expectations. They make it that much easier to enjoy life.

It's so nice to be with someone who totally gets me. And yet hasn't learned not to leave home alone with stuff like this.


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