Thursday, July 31, 2008

Larry Townsend and a call for submissions

Larry Townsend passed away a couple days ago. I didn't hear it on the news. Unfortunately, his passing is going unnoticed, so I decided to bring it up here. A longtime leather andBDSM writer, Larry had an article in Drummer for years and then moved over to Honcho when Drummer closed. My copy of the Leatherman's Handbook is well used. While I enjoyed the info he gave about BDSM play, it's his anecdotes that riveted me. They provided an incredible glimpse into the gay community pre- gay rights, when men in a bar risked being arrested just for touching each other.

I do not know this publisher, so this isn't an endorsement, but for those of you who have The Leatherman's Handbook in your library, you might be interested:

Call for Submissions

Palm Drive Publishing
Mark Hemry, Publisher
San Francisco CA

"Untitled Larry Townsend Memorial Anthology"

Who Dies with the Most Column Inches Wins. When the prolific and
beloved and controversial pioneer activist of leather politics and
leather literature Larry Townsend passed July 28, 2008, the legend
became myth. The new anthology The Untitled Larry Townsend Memorial
Anthology invites personal and professional manuscripts from anyone who
has a reminiscence or analysis of Larry Townsend's impact on leather
heritage, on Drummer magazine, and on their own personalleathersex
lives, on gay popular culture, etc. The extraordinary concept is to
memorialize Larry Townsend as a person as much as an author. Proposing
aLeatherfolk anthology similar to the classic book by Mark Thompson (1990), Mark Hemry
, an intimate friend of Larry Townsend, has poised his Palm Drive
Publishing to produce for Spring 2009, a collection of writing and
photographs and drawings memorializing Larry Townsend for the force he
was in helping people exit the leather closet, enjoy legitimate gay
literature with leather andBDSM and futuristic themes, and be safe and
sane in their S&M and edge play, etc. Articles can be positive or
affirmatively negative.

Submissions may have been published before in any medium.

Disclosure So You Know Where You Stand: A suitable contract will be
signed for all editions paper and electronic of the book. Editing,
other than for grammatical clarity of sense, may be suggested for any
submission but not without permission of the author. Manuscripts will
mostly be "published as received." Therefore, authors are counseled to
say exactly what they want to say cleanly and perfectly in their
final-final and very proofed copy. (You are the keeper of your own
literary reputation, and can re-publish your work at will citing the
title of the "Larry Townsend Anthology.") Contributors of writing and
photography and art work, who must sign that they own their own
copyright, will keep ownership of their own copyright.

"Honorarium Payment" is five copies of this historically important anthology.

Deadline: December 1, 2008

Publisher Mark Hemry
is accepting for consideration: Personal Essays about Larry Townsend;
Interviews of Larry Townsend; Pop Culture and Academic Articles on
Larry Townsend or on Any of His Novels or Fiction or Nonfiction; GLBT
and Leather-Heritage Historical Essays on How Townsend's Influence
Molded Leather History; Incisive Character-Catching Poetry about Larry
Townsend; Analysis of Themes in the Writing of Larry Townsend's Fiction
and Nonfiction, Especially TheLeatherman's Handbook; Significant
Letters to and by Larry Townsend; even Fantasy One-Act Plays of, Say,
"My Dinner with Mr. Townsend" That Capture Something about His
Character and Influence; as well as Photographs and Drawings. Authors
are encouraged to be inventive in capturing the truth of Larry Townsend.

Email submissions to Mark Hemry at

Please put "Larry Townsend" in the subject line.

Payment: Five copies of published book.


Dusk Peterson said...

"I do not know this publisher, so this isn't an endorsement"

I can't offer endorsements either, but in case you're interested, Mark Hemry is Jack Fritscher's spouse. Currently, I believe, Palm Drive Publishing is only publishing works by those two authors. The press has been publishing books since at least 1999, and it ran a video business prior to that. More information in this article.

Kathleen Bradean said...

Dusk, thank you for the information. I'd love to see this book when it comes out. I'm sure it'll have some interesting insights.