Sunday, February 26, 2006

Best Gay Erotica 2006 and Wild Creatures

Last Friday I went to a reading at Skylight Books that featured two books: The Wild Creatures Collected Stories of Sam D'Allesandro and Best Gay Erotica 2006 from Cleis Press.

If you're in LA, Skylight, is your local independent bookstore. Stop by and pet the bookshop cat, or shop online and help support them. They have the most amazing people doing readings. If you've never been to a reading, my god, what are you waiting for? Best date night ever.

Mattilda a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore was an experience. That's the only way I can describe watching him. I was leaning forward, waiting for the next word to come out of his mouth. I only wish I'd gotten the full length picture of him so that you could have the full visual effect. I'm currently reading his collection of stories, Pulling Taffy, one of my great selections from a recent spending spree at Suspect Thoughts.

By stroke of luck, I sat behind D. Travers Scott and got to chat with him a bit. We've been swapping sporadic emails (more like leaving comments on blog entries once every six months) but since we're both in LA, I figured that we were fated to never meet. I found out about the reading from his blog but had no idea if he'd be there, so it was a nice bonus to the evening.

And I was sitting next to Blake Nemec, but had no idea until he got up to read his story Half-Eaten Lollipop. He was lovely sweet.

Trebor Healey only read part of his story, The Pancake Circus, but I have the book so I can finish the rest on my own. Trebor was very gracious while signing my copy. I got to tell him how much I enjoyed his novel Through it Came Bright Colors. Although I'm sure I muffed the title, he didn't even grimace. *sigh* What a nice guy. He has a poetry collection coming out soon.

Kevin Killian and others read several stories from The Wild Creatures. Although my reading pile teeters precariously with my best literary intentions, I will add this to it.

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