Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Good Writing Week

My story Rekindle was accepted by Clean Sheets yesterday. I don't know yet when it will be on their site, but I'll add a link when it's up.

I also received the edited version of a story I placed in a print anthology. The editor included a nice note that pushed all the right ego buttons.

Writing, like any art, is subject to criticism. There are people who make scathing remarks, usually for an audience, without investing any time or thought into the piece or their critique. Yet, those are the comments that seem to get under my skin. I'm trying to learn to weigh the impact of critique by the amount of thought that went into it, not by my reaction to it. I have my good days with that philosophy, and my horrible days where I still let every barb strike my heart.

I've never taken praise well, but I'm working on that too. Instead of dismissing the editor's kind words, I'm going to believe that he truly meant it. So this weekend I'll be a contented writer and bask in my victories.

Queuing up my happy dance music. Something blue. I like my happiness served bittersweet.

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