Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Saints and Sinners

May 12-14, 2006 is the fourth Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans. If you write, or are a fan of queer lit, I urge you to go.

Writer Kate Dominic's enthusiastic reports from the 2nd SNS convinced me to go last year. I can't thank her enough for turning me on to it, and this is my chance to pass the favor on to you.

SNS was the best writer's conference I'd been to in ages.

The notes I took at every panel are still relevant. My list of "must read" books grew by pages, especially after the speculative fiction panel. Even though it meant buying a second backpack to carry it all home in, if a writer was at SNS, I bought a book and had him/her sign it. Those copies are never, ever going to a library.

One of the highlights for me was being able to tell writers how much I enjoyed their work. I was a bit shy about approaching some people, but everyone was gracious, and I met almost everyone I wanted to.

While at the conference last year, I hooked up with writers that I only knew through email. Putting faces together with names was a daunting game, but I met a lot of new people when I asked to see their name badges. (Note to self - this can be a very flirty thing to do, so don't get the SO involved next year. He was a little too flattered by the invitation to the foam party. Oh sure, he denied it, but he wore a damn smug smile the rest of the evening.)

The best thing I brought back with me was renewed energy and enthusiasm about my writing. Well, that, and the enduring image of a go-go boy under black lights at Oz wearing a white cowboy hat, white boots, tighty whities, and nothing else, dancing slow, his hands sliding down his bare chest. Sheer poetry.

So, are you in? Write me and let me know if you are. I'd love to meet you there.

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