Tuesday, September 16, 2008

(Cross Post) I Guess It Had To Happen Eventually

Almost every well-known writer at my publisher has had their books "shared" at a pirate site, so I guess it was inevitable that one of mine would show up on a list.
For those of you unclear on the concept - sharing files of e-books is illegal. It's theft. Don't get all huffy and self-righteous, because you know you're doing wrong. When you bought the e-book, you agreed that it was for your use only. Not for you and some of your friends, and not for you and whoever has access to your file sharing account. Putting a copy out on the internet for other people to download is just morally wrong. And before you make some snide remark about publishers, or it not really hurting, please understand that there are some writers who make their sole living this way, and some of them have kids with medical problems, or have medical problems themselves. Some live close to poverty. Would you feel it's right to go into their house and take a dollar out of their wallet? No. After taking that dollar, would you then hold the door open so a bunch of strangers could also help themselves to a dollar from the writer's wallet? No. But guess what - sharing files is the same thing. So please, be your better self and stop stealing. Okay?

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Nathan said...

I think you should view this as a positive. So many people want to get their hands on them that they're willing to steal! Your books are the new potatoes. (http://www.indepthinfo.com/potato/history.shtml)