Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Political Rant of the Year

Congress seemed surprised that so many Americans are vehemently against this government bailout plan for the financial sector. Since they seem clueless, I'll put it in simple terms they might be able to understand. Feel free to send this to your Representative.

We, the People of the United States of America are sick of providing welfare for the wealthy. This time, we want it written in stone that the people who caused this crises will be the first to pay to repair it. We want the top executives of AIG, Freddie Mac, WaMu, etc. to pay back every damn dime they were given over the past three years, and for those funds to be used to bailout the financial sector. When they're reduced to sleeping in doorways, then the government can come to me for the remainder. Oh - and Congress, don't forget to hit up every single member of the boards of these companies who approved these huge payouts. We want them to be held personally responsible for signing off on huge bonuses to guys who ran these companies into the ground. Cut the cords on the Golden Parachutes. No severance packages for failures! You politicians are so great about talking up personal responsibility. Let's see you actually follow through. For once, please prove that you mean what you say. Make reparations the cornerstone of the bailout - you broke it, you bought it. Then, just maybe, you'll get my consent as a taxpayer to approve the bailout plan.

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Nathan said...

I love you so much Kathleen. You're my new hero. When do you come to New York again? We need to meet! ;-)