Monday, January 05, 2009

Heading Into Hell Month

This is the worst time of year for me at me day job. I spent the past
two weeks getting everything set and ready to go. Unfortunately, one
thing isn't working. I know what will happen when my boss comes in
tomorrow. I'm going to tell him I need an hour of his time. I'm going
to bring my numbers to him. And he's going to say what he always says.
"You're this far already? You're a miracle worker." (He's a wonderful
person to work for) But...

I won't be satisfied at all. I wanted
to be at miracle stage plus one. I wanted to really knock his socks
off. Instead, we're going to spend an hour crawling through numbers and
find something completely obvious I did wrong. And I'll want to kill

The worst part of this is that all weekend, I couldn't
sleep because all of the details were going through my head. And when I
did fall asleep, I had nightmares that I was back working for the
Hideous Troll and his Storm Trooper Bitch Enforcer. You'd think nine
years away from them would be enough time to get past the trauma. You
wouldn't think any job would leave such scars on a person. But it
isn't, and it did. The only satisfaction I get is that through the
grapevine (former co-workers who loathe them as much as I do) I've
heard they took a massive hit this year and thebusiness is in trouble.
Good. I can't think of anyone more deserving. But until they get out of
my head forever, I won't be able to enjoy their misfortune as much as
I'd like to. (and yes, I'm that petty.)

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