Thursday, January 15, 2009

While the Rest of the Nation Shivers

I took C out for dinner just because. Just because I didn't feel like cooking. I had one of those days where my brain felt like a hamster on a wheel. Just when I thought I saw a glimmer of an answer, I realized my brain had looped right back to where it started. So I picked up C and took her down to the marina. We sat on the outside patio and watched the sun set while we ate. We had a great conversation about manga and the how much meaning is coded into the design of the characters. Yes, I spent ten minutes discussing the deeper meaning of a character with no eyebrows, and even longer discussing body proportion and hands. It was the perfect conversation to get my brain off the hamster wheel. Too bad I was driving, because a drink would have been the perfect cap to the meal and the day.

It was so clear today that as we were headed for the beach I saw a Channel Island I've never seen before. I can usually catch glimpses of Catalina, but this is the first time I've ever seen Santa Barbara Island. (Maybe since it has no elevation to
speak of. Santa Catalina has mountains. I was so shocked there was another channel island that close that I had to look it up to figure out the name). It was probably still 70 degrees outside, but the patio heater felt good while we were eating since I didn't have on a jacket.

You're just hating me right now, aren't you? But before you pack up and move here, I have one word for you.


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Amanda Earl said...

i'm a winter lover ;) but right now i would just love to teleport to a warm beach for an afternoon.

my word verification today is "odemon" :)