Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

As I was checking the readings schedule this coming week, I went to the
Equal Writes web site and saw that they're closing their doors. I'm heartbroken. I just found this place. It's a fantastic space for readings. I love and support independent bookstores. I buy something every time I walk in, no matter how high my reading stack.

I was working with the owner to offer an erotic writing class. He never
mentioned to me as we looked at the calender that they wouldn't be open
still.Argh ! My lost opportunity isn't the important issue here though.
I've seen books at Equal Writes that I've never seen at other
bookstores. They've offered classes I've never seen offered at A
Different Light, and Skylight is such a far drive for me that I don't
often make the trip.

It looks as if today is one of their last days. I'll probably head down there and make a few purchases. I'll tell the owner how sorry I am, and wish him the best. And in the future, I'll have one less comfortable, safe, well-stocked place to browse for
books. *sigh*

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