Sunday, November 26, 2006

Speaking of Writing...

A writer friend was in town this weekend and borrowed my couch
overnight. We opened a nice Chianti and talked about writing,
contracts, and writer's conferences.

A couple months back, I mentioned the need for an erotica writer's conference. I think I also mentioned my hesitation to run one - not because I don't want to, but because I have no experience in anything like that. Mucking up terribly in public isn't my idea of a good time. Besides, if I screw it up, everyone would say, "Well, someone tried to get erotica writers together once, and it was a Hindenburg sized fiasco! So no one should ever try again."

Nan wasn't about to let me plead total incompetence. I noticed she waited until after my third glass of wine to bring it up though. She's a great person to bounce ideas off. Intelligent, insightful, ready to volunteer should I ever get this thing moving....

So be warned, fellow writers. If I know that you have experience putting together a conference, or know someone who does, I will hunt you down and mercilessly interrogate you over every minute detail. Or you can very patiently explain to me why this won't work and I'm the wrong person for the job. Trust me, I'm willing to listen.

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